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5 Places That You Can Find Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors

When we’re all aiming for an illustrious indoor/outdoor lifestyle, where our homes fit effortlessly into lovely gardens. It’s no surprise that outdoor doors of all shapes and sizes continue to make enticing additions. Although the door of the day has been bi-fold for some time now.

Crittal frames and wide sliding panels are offering them some competition. Each design has its merits; sliding glass doors can never provide you with a fully open facade, but they allow fewer frames to be locked. Sliding glass doors also work brilliantly on a larger building to provide a full view of the backyard.

Municipal Channel Glam

Meal Prep almost becomes a theatre in this immaculately fitted kitchen room with triple-panel sliding glass doors. The same scale panels provide a strong sense of balance and order, expressed in the long dining table and the peninsular unit. Polished-tone tiles, granite benchtops, brass accents, deconstructed pendant lamps, ancient palms and a beautiful garden beyond reflect an apparent bliss in the kitchen.

Start a colour mutiny

Good luck feeling down in this fun-filled fiesta of pattern and hue. The glazing wall makes the sunshine, and on gloomy days the look stays sunny and happy due to the bright and squishy couch.

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Sliding glass doors

Find your point of view

In this zinc-clad expansion, sculptural elegance and a slick, Spartan interior combine. Two sets of sliding doors twist around the corner of the back, entering at the junction of a quiet pond field. Large roof lights indicate that the light is secured without a ‘glass box’ system.

Classic court charm

Glamorous gravy elegance proves the sliding glass doors will fit comfortably in a more conventional kitchen. Cabinets with chrome cup handles are a traditional option, while an induction stove offers a touch of modern technology. Sliding doors are the best choice for those who want their interior design and outer space to take centre stage over architectural features.

Lighten up the load

Slight metal frames give these slider doors a delicate and discrete look that suits the restaurant’s tidy lines. Slab-front cabinets and mesmerizing marble benchtops provide understated cooking space.

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