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External Window Shutters: A Comprehensive Guide

Window Shutters

For the house, Simply Shutters specializes in the manufacturing and sale of a wide range of high-quality polypropylene and UPVC external shutters in a variety of styles. The extensive range includes all of the most popular shutter styles, including Traditional Louvre, Extra wide Traditional Louvre, Board & Batten, and the top-of-the-range Town & Country plastic ‘synthetic wood’ shutters, which allow the buyer to order customize window shutters that are built to the exact measurements require.

All of our artistic exterior shutters have been meticulously design to improve the look of your house while requiring minimal care, as oppose to traditional wood shutters. Affordably price readymade Master Shutters are available in a range of various colors and two unique designs to choose from. Alternatively, if the standard size options available from the Master Shutter range do not meet your needs, our custom-made ranges will provide you with a greater variety of width options as well as providing the option of having shutters made in the style of your choice and to the exact height require.

Custom Panels are a stylish alternative to the traditional louvre design that harks back to the Regency period of the Georgian era in England. The use of Custom Panels on both historically design houses and their more modern equivalents is highly recommend. No matter which Simply Shutters collection you choose, you can be certain that all of our products are design to endure, back by a 40-year guarantee, and will provide you with many years of trouble-free ownership.

Exterior Window Shutters with a Traditional Louvre Design

The Louvre Shutter is the most frequent and popular type of shutter that can be seen on residential properties nowadays. Many other shutter types are available, and it is not unusual to see shutters that have been custom construct to combine designs from other shutter forms, such as a louvre and flat panel combination, for example.

Exterior Window Shutters with Extra-Wide Openings

Given that we utilize pre-manufacture component components to create the shutters, the width of these component pieces is a determinant of the breadth of the shutters that we are able to produce. We can cut the stile or vertical side rail that forms the frame to any length in 14-inch increments, depending on the size of the frame. A vertical center support rib or mullion, which gives the final shutter a bi-fold look, is now the only method that we can build shutters wider than 18 inches (450mm).

Sliding Window Shutters with Board & Batten or Country Panels

Board & Batten and Country Panel shutters round out our selection of custom-built ornamental exterior shutters for your home or business. This collection of shutters has been purposefully design to have a rustic appearance, and it will look as at home on a rural house as it would on a more modern residence in the heart of a town or metropolis.

Exterior Window Shutters with Custom Panels

The Custom Panel line of decorative exterior PvC plastic shutters is ideal for homeowners who want a unique look for their home’s exterior. The Custom Panel collection has a wide selection of various panel styles to accommodate almost any preference.

Exterior Window Shutters for the Master Bedroom

We call these ready-made shutters “Master Shutters,” and what an incredible bargain they are as well! Its Master Shutters line is every bit as excellent as our custom-made louvre and panel shutter range, and it is available in two widths, two types (louvre and panel), 15 various colors, and 20 different predetermine heights.

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Window Shutters

Raman Hardwood Shutter Panels are made of hardwood.

In addition to being utilize as conventional shutters for windows, Raman hardwood shutter panels are also suitable for use as doors in both external and interior applications, depending on the application. Please keep in mind that this product is no longer available from Simply Shutters and has been discontinue as a result.

Window Shutters in an Older Style

When I first started working in the plastics business in the 1960s, it was nothing like as sophisticated as it is now. Before around 30 or 40 years ago, the only ornamental shutters available on the market were made of wood or a kind of plastic known as ABS.

Window Shutters in an Older Style

Town & Country shutters are made of a composite of synthetic polymers that have the weight, feel, and look of wood, but do not need any of the care that is associated with wood shutters. This kind of material is referred to as ‘synthetic wood’.

Should I purchase exterior ornamental window shutters made of wood or plastic?

So you’ve made the decision to upgrade your home’s exterior with ornamental shutters. This is fantastic news! You may, however, have reached a fork in the road while choosing which material would be the most appropriate for your project given the many choices available.

In the past, it would have been reasonable to suppose that the vast majority, if not all, of exterior shutters were constructed of wooden frames. However, as a result of the advancement and refinement of plastic over the past several years, shutters constructed of this material have become more popular.

The front of a home from the outside

As a result, with both wood and plastic alternatives being readily accessible, you may be faced with the decision of whether to use wood or plastic. Unquestionably, there are distinctions between wood and plastic, as well as specific considerations to make before deciding which material to buy.

To assist you in making your decision, we have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of each. It is essential to note that we are only concerned with ornamental shutters for the outside of buildings. We’ll talk about internal shutters and operational shutters in a separate piece.

Window Shutters

Shutters made of wood
  • Are made of organic materials.
  • It is possible to get a genuine wooden appearance/wood grain appearance.
  • As long as the wood used is from a reputable FSC-certified supplier, you can rest certain that you are not contributing to the deforestation of natural forests.
  • Ideal for use in conservation zones or historic buildings where plastic may not be allowed due to environmental restrictions.
  • the inside of a redwood louvre shutter up close
  • They may be very costly, depending on the kind of wood that is utilized.
  • Wood is a natural material that cannot be placed until the necessary weatherproofing has been done to the surface.
  • Maintenance and upkeep will be required on a regular basis. Also undeniable is the fact that wood will decay eventually, regardless of how well it is protected from the elements.
  • Wooden shutters may take a long time to construct, making them unsuitable for situations when you need a fast turnaround.
  • a close-up of the redwood texture
Shutters made of plastic
  • Some plastics are considered ecologically benign due to the fact that it is a substance that can be recycled indefinitely.
  • The use of plastic instead of wood helps to conserve trees and preserve forests.
  • Plastic shutters do not need any weatherproofing or painting prior to installation
  • Plastic shutters are a long-term investment since they need little maintenance and do not corrode or decay.
  • Flame retardant polypropylene plastic ornamental shutters are available.
  • It is possible that this product will not be suitable for use in conservation areas or on listed structures.
  • Some people may not like the appearance of plastic over wood.
  • Louvre shutters in white on one side of the window

We are unable to advise you on which choice would be the most suitable for your house, but we hope that our list has been of assistance. Take into account the appearance, the location, and the style of your property; you may discover that one of them works better than the others for your needs. You may also choose between plastic and wood, with the ultimate choice based only on your own preference and aesthetics. In any case, installing exterior, ornamental shutters to your house may significantly improve the overall appearance and give a special touch of charm.

Improving the Look of Your Home with Exterior Shutters

Although falling in love at first sight is an uncommon occurrence, it does not invalidate the reality that you only have one opportunity to create a good first impression. First impressions are important, and in the real estate market, they are often the only one you will have the chance to make. In today’s internet real estate market, things move quickly, and if your property does not stand out from the sea of cookie cutter facades, you may find yourself passed over in a hurry… and for good.

In order to increase your home’s curb appeal and attract the attention of both your neighbors and online home buyers, shutters are a fantastic investment. I’m not sure where to begin. The possibilities are limitless due to the wide range of designs and shutters available, which range from the simply ornamental to the functional.

Begin with a splash of color!

Shutters are most likely the most effective method to highlight the color of your home’s façade. Consider them to be the equivalent of mascara or makeup, that additional splash of color to set your house out from the others. Colors and color combinations are always changing, so consult with an expert to determine which traditional or current color combinations would be most appropriate for your house.

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Window Shutters

Determine if your shutters will be just ornamental or will have a functional purpose

Do you need protection from hurricanes, storms, or the sun? If this is the case, your options may be limited. You made up your mind about this before completing your style choices.

Make a decision on a style

You may want to seek the advice of an expert in this area as well since there are many styles that are always changing with the times. Choose from louvered, raised panel, plantation, board and batten or a mix of these styles and more. Although rectangular shutters are by far the most prevalent, bespoke forms such as arched, square, or even circular shutters are becoming more popular.

Select the appropriate material.

Check out our previous blog post for more information on shutter materials, which include vinyl, wood composite, wood, and fiberglass options.

Shutters are a lot of fun

So, most of all, enjoy the process and take pleasure in making your home stand out from the other “little pink homes” that are all lined up in a row around you.

Window replacement is not inexpensive

With the average current cost per window coming in at about $500. When you make that kind of financial investment, you’ll want to be sure that you make the best possible decision in terms of both the appearance and the functionality of your new windows. However, it may be a bewildering experience, as the sheer number of choices can leave you feeling like a 5-year-old standing in the middle of the supermarket aisle, trying to decide which morning cereal to buy.


A significant part of the popularity of double-hung windows may be attributed to the classic appearance they offer. The upper and lower sashes both move; the lower inside sash slides up, and the higher outer sash slides down, and the upper and lower sashes both move.

Cleaning, installation of screens, and the usage of window air conditioners are all made easier as a result of this. Because they are not as airtight as other window designs, double-hung windows are not recommended.

Casement-Style Hand cranks

Are required to open the windows, which are hinged on the side and open outwards. When opened, these windows offer great ventilation, and when closed, they seal tightly to keep out the elements. Unlike double-hung windows, they do not come in as many different styles, and they cannot be utilized with window air conditioners.


The top of the window opens outward like a casement, yet it is hinged like a window. Because the sash for this type pushes up against the frame, they shut extremely firmly when they are close.

Picture Windows/Structure Windows

Do not open and are employee when the entry of light or the view is more essential than the need for ventilation. These windows are completely airtight and are available in a variety of forms and sizes.

Window styles such as wood windows are classic:

And they have dominate the market until lately. When they have begun to occupy a more specialize niche. Their aesthetic appeal, traditional appearance, and durability continue to distinguish them as a top choice. But they need more care and are more expensive to maintain than other alternatives, reducing their attractiveness.

Vinyl windows have surpass wood windows:

In terms of popularity as the variety of styles and colors available has grown. For many years, the only option was glossy white. And since these windows cannot be paint. Their usage was severely restrict. These windows are less expensive than wood and need little or no maintenance throughout their lifetime.

Aluminum windows:

Are comparable to vinyl windows in terms of their flexibility and durability. They are not prone to rusting, shrinking, or fading. But they are costlier than vinyl and are less effective as insulators than vinyl.

Fiberglass windows:

Are the most lasting and the most effective insulators available today. They are also re-paintable and sound-resistant, which is a bonus. They are, however, the costliest of the available options.


Window treatments such as exterior vinyl shutters are the most cost-effective choice when it comes to window decorating. A wonderful low-cost option to add some color and texture to your house exterior. As well as a perfect alternative to costlier. And higher-quality materials available on the market, are shingles. One of the best things about vinyl shutters is that the color is mold. Into the product for its whole lifespan.

They will come with all of the necessary installation gear. And will be cover by a lifetime guarantee. Vinyl shutters feature a woodgrain texture surface to replicate the look of genuine wood and are lightweight. Making them easy to put up.

The overall quality of these units varies greatly from one unit to the next. Vinyl shutters of higher quality will also retain their form and color for a longer period of time. It is unlikely that these shutters will be functional. Due to the fact that they are hollow on the other side.


Wood Composite shutters provide a fantastic mix of authenticity and long-term durability in one package. Their construction components vary from company to company, but they are often a mix of engineer wood, PVC. And resin with a factory apply finish on the outside.

Most people compare 100 percent wood shutters with wood composite shutters. And although wood shutters are very beautiful. I believe that wood composite shutters are as attractive WITHOUT the need for regular care. They do not decompose like 100 percent wood. Nor do they need the maintenance of a wood structure on a regular basis.


The authenticity of shutters made entirely of wood cannot be match by any other material. When they are brand new, you will be hard push to find a more attractive shutter. However, like any other wood product use outside, wood shutters are not resistant to the effects of the weather.

Their paint and finish will deteriorate the greatest when expose to extreme weather conditions, and as a consequence. They may need regular repainting or replacement. Although their beauty cannot be dispute. Their endurance, when compare to other materials, leaves much to be desire.

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