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How to get the best Melbourne airport parking?

Melbourne airport parking

When it comes to purchasing Melbourne airport parking. The process is not that distinct from when it comes to buying flights. You’ll generally find the best deals online, and arriving early is always beneficial. If you wait until the last minute. You may discover that the majority of airport parking lots are already sold out. And that costs have skyrocketed as a result.

This is why we’ve compiled an extensive collection of information about Melbourne Airport parking prices. To ensure that you get the best bargain possible on your parking. This comprises the official Melbourne Airport car parks. Which range from the Value Short Stay to the premium Valet Parking Service. As well as a few of neighboring private parking facilities. Which are frequently less expensive for longer stays than the official airport parking.

Victoria’s Melbourne International Airport features five official car parks. Which include the Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3, and Terminal 4, as well as the Long-Term Car Park. The Value Car Park, the Value Short Stay Car Park, and a Valet Parking Service. Rates vary from one car park to the next. Depending on how near it is to the terminals. How long you need the space, and what degree of service you need. Generally speaking, park and ride car parks are the most affordable option, while valet parking is the costliest one.

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Melbourne airport parking

Short-Term Parking at Melbourne International Airport

For those searching for short-term parking at Melbourne Airport, the Value Short Stay Car Park and ‘At Terminal’ Car Parks are the two most popular alternatives, according to the airport (T123, & T4). These parking lots enable you to reserve by the hour for a period of up to 24 hours. Making them perfect for people who are dropping off or picking up passengers on the way. As long as you intend to pick up your vehicle within 48 hours, these alternatives are almost ideal.

short Stay parking

The Value Short Stay Car Park provides the most competitive prices for any stay longer than 30 minutes. Despite this, it’s crucial to know that the Value Short Stay Car Park is located a considerable distance. Away from the airport terminals. Included in the reservation fee is a complimentary shuttle bus transportation in both directions that operates once every 10 minutes.

Similarly, you cannot reserve a place at the Value Short Stay Car Park online. In order to ensure that you will have one. In the event that you’re traveling during a busy season. Such as the school holidays. And you’ll be short on time, it may be useful to seek other modes of transportation. It’s the last thing you’ll want. To be doing when you have loved ones waiting at the airport. For you is going from car park to car park seeking for a parking place.


Melbourne airport parking

Parking at the terminal

Parking at the At Terminal Car Parks is simple and convenient, thanks to its central location. You might consider them for business trips. Brief vacations, and for people who wish to pre-book parking. In advance of their trip. At Terminal parking is situated just across the street from the airport terminals. Allowing you to check in within minutes of your arrival.

They offer secure, underground parking. With enhanced security features to provide travelers piece of mind while they are on the road. While the T123 and T4 Car Parks are a bit pricier ($51.00 for 24 hours and $102.00 for 48 hours), they are also more convenient. If you want to spend your money on your flights rather than your parking, this is not the greatest value, but it is fast and easy.

Long-Term Parking at Melbourne International Airport

When traveling for a couple of days or longer, long-term parking is often the most cost-effective choice available. A designated Long-Term Car Park is available at Melbourne International Airport, and it costs $25.00 for the first 24 hours, $49.00 for two days, and $69.00 for three days. Value Car Park is another choice for travelers that want long-term parking, albeit the differences between the two are minimal. Both are park and ride services, with shuttle buses transporting passengers to and from the airport terminals.

A similar price structure to that of the Long-Term Car Park is used at the Value Car Park, with the first day costing $25.00, the next two days costing $49.00, and the third day costing $69.00.

Even while the Long-Term Car Park and the Value Car Park are less expensive than the At Terminal T123 & T4 Car Parks as well as the Premium services, they are by no means an economical parking alternative if you’re planning a trip that will last more than a week or two.

Melbourne airport parking

Prices and costs:

The good news is that if you take the time to browse around and compare Melbourne Airport parking prices, you’ll almost certainly discover a long-term parking option that will allow you to save more money for other aspects of your trip. We gathered parking costs from two private airport parking companies and compared them.

There was no exception: the prices for Melbourne Airport parking supplied by privately owned car parks were consistently less expensive than those offered by the airport itself. For example, if you’re planning a week-long vacation, selecting First Choice Airport Parking over the Long-Term Car Park might result in a $49.00 save on your parking fees. And, in many ways, the two services are extremely similar; both provide complimentary shuttle bus service to and from the airport terminals and back to the city center.

When it comes to Premium Parking Services,

T123, T4, and the Business Car Park at Melbourne Airport all have Premium Parking spots available whether you’re traveling for business or just want to treat yourself to a more luxurious experience. With Premium Parking, you’ll have the best seat in the house, with spaces that are near to the terminal walkways and other amenities.

If you drive to the Business Car Park, which is just 50 meters away from the Terminal 1 building, you’ll be at check-in within minutes. Being the quickest self-park option, you’ll have more time to rest before your flight if you choose this option. It will cost you $72.00 for a 24-hour stay at the Business Car Park, which is about comparable to the cost of a 24-hour Premium Parking at T123 ($77.00) and Premium T4 ($61.00) parking lot, respectively.

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