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How To Have A Fantastic Glass Splashbacks With Minimal Spending?



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Glass splashbacks are an affordable way in how you can easily make your home look beautiful. Whether you are installing a new kitchen glass splashback as a part of a whole new kitchen remodel. Or just replacing an existing one, there are several different materials to choose from.

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Glass splashbacks

Although the price of a Glass Splashbacks is affordable –

You can always reduce your costs and go for a DIY option which will give you the perfect end results. There are numerous diverse methods you can do this, and the choices are infiniteness.

This guide will help you to get a feel for the most common and easy to DIY splashback materials. This also will provide a rough indication you have to pay for each of it as well. Often times, it can be difficult for those who need a little help…


Tiles used to be one of the common splashback material which was used. Thanks to an extensive range of colours, patterns, and the possibilities you can do these with it have become popular again. That is why putting a tile of your kitchen walls is a beautiful look and feel to the home.

Toughened glass

Toughened glass is the most beautiful and popular splashback nowadays. It is easy to clean and is available in almost any colour of your choice. It has a wide variety of prints and designs. Glass splashbacks need to be tough, as it should be able to withstand the heat from the stoves.

Glass Splashbacks

Mirrored glass

Mirrored glass splashbacks are a fantastic choice. They help to open up a small space by bouncing the light and reflections around the room. This mirror is, in fact, not like any ordinary bathroom mirror. It has a smokey tint and gives it more appeal in the kitchen.


Acrylic Glass Splashbacks give an illusion of glass. But, they are also a cost-effective alternative, and you can install them yourselves. Unlike the mirror, they cannot be installed directly behind stovetops. As this is made out of an acrylic sheet.

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