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Questions You Should Ask About Steel Security Door


A large guard dog or an alarm system usually come to mind when most people think of home protection. When deterring burglars from accessing your house, installing a steel security door might be overlooked, yet it is a very effective method. To reduce the likelihood of a successful burglary, you should make it more difficult for thieves to enter via the point of access in the first place.   

You may be thinking about installing security doors in your home or place of business. Below are the most important questions to ask any prospective steel security door provider.

Steel Security Door

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Questions to ask your steel security door provider that are really important

When purchasing a steel security door, it is critical to choose the appropriate product and pick a reputable contractor to complete the installation. Poor installation may cause a high-quality security door to fall short of its potential. On the other hand, a low-quality security door will never secure your property, no matter how skilled your installer is.

What kind of warranty is included with my steel security door?

High-quality steel security doors should come with a 10-year guarantee, which is generally the industry standard. You could also examine internet reviews to determine if prior customers have had any issues with the company’s warranty policies.

Steel Security Door

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How long have you been in business for yourself?

It is essential to have prior experience. You’ll receive a better outcome if your installer (and their firm) have been in business for a long time; this is because they have more outstanding expertise. A company that has been in operation for ten years or more has shown that it has staying power. And as a consequence, it is more likely to continue the process for another five or ten years to back up its warranty.

Are your steel security doors manufactured in Australia?

In Australia, the weather is very severe on infrastructure, including steel security doors. Fortunately, many Australian-made security doors are constructed to survive this. Unfortunately, though, imported security doors aren’t. The majority of security doors, even those that appear to be so, are not certified as security doors.

Does insurance cover you? 

Any installer who comes inside your house should be covered by public liability insurance, as should you be. While on the job, employees are financially protected if they cause damage to your property or harm another person.

This insurance is indeed intended to protect them, but it also serves to protect you. And if they do not have it, they may be unable to pay if you file a claim against them in the event of a loss.

Are you WA police licensed?

The installation of security systems is legally mandated. So, security installers must get a security installer license from the WA Police after completing the requisite background checks, providing fingerprints, and passing a written exam.

Is the level of security provided by your doors in accordance with Australian Standards?

Australian Standards are government-issued papers that outline the minimum performance requirements for various services and goods, including security doors. An Australian door cannot be sold as a steel security door without first meeting the requirements set out in this standard.

This standard’s requirements include knife shear, jemmy, dynamic impact, and lock and hinge lever tests.

Do you provide any kind of after-sales support?

Steel security doors are built to last and are pretty durable. Nevertheless, they do need some maintenance from time to time to ensure that they continue to protect your house. It’s essential to have someone on call if you need your security door checked out, even if it’s something that can be done in advance (such as regular cleaning and lubrication).

The steel security door and the supplier you choose will play significant roles in securing your home’s safety. It’s a long-term investment if made appropriately. So, make sure you select the best door supplier in Melbourne to have it installed for you.

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