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The Ultimate Secret of Melbourne Airport Short Term Parking

Melbourne airport short term parking

Melbourne Airport Short Term Parking: For a good many people, when they go to Melbourne International Airport, one of the most annoying things that they encounter is the collection of their mobile phones. This can be disconcerting for people because they will have to shell out large amounts of money just to get their hands on their own mobile devices. That is why the mobile phone recycling program was introduce by the City of Melbourne last year. Not only is it a great opportunity for Melbourne residents to get rid of their old mobiles, but it also benefits the environment because old mobile phones are collect and reuse in this manner.

Melbourne Airport Short Term Parking

E-waste Management:

The first benefit that you reap when using the mobile phone recycling program at the airport is that you can avail yourself of cheap car park space. The problem with most airport car parks in Australia is that they are full almost every time of the day. It makes it very difficult for people who need to leave and arrive back within a reasonable period of time. With the introduction of the airport’s mobile phone recycling program, you no longer need to worry about getting a free spot.

Melbourne airport short term parking-Benefits:

The second benefit you get from using this car park is that you are assure of security. Car parks at the airport are usually surround by high walls and gates, which make it very difficult for someone to sneak through them. Even if they do manage to get past security, they are likely to be immediately arrested because these car parks are patrolled by both police and airport security. If you were to leave your mobile in the open, then you are taking the risk of anyone walking by and picking it up.

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Melbourne airport short term parking

The third benefit that you stand to enjoy when using the mobile phone recycling scheme at the airport is that you will be contributing to the great initiative undertaken by the City of Melbourne to improve the city’s air quality. The air pollution that is prevalent in Australia is a problem that affects not only the residents of Melbourne but also many people throughout the country. As you are aware, the main cause of this is vehicle emissions. The majority of emissions come from vehicles such as motorbikes and buses. By recycling mobile phones and other waste items, the City of Melbourne is hoping to reduce the number of emissions coming from these types of vehicles.

The air pollution:

The fourth benefit you stand to enjoy is that your mobile will no longer need to be towed back and forth to a local garage as you would need to do with standard car parks. The reason why you have to dispose of your phone or other electronic device is that it has been broken. This means that if you have not contacted the car park company, then you have a simple solution. You simply take your broken item and visit their customer service centre and arrange to have it repaired.

The fifth benefit that you stand to gain by using the Melbourne airport short term parking is that it will help to promote cleanliness within the park. Many people who park their vehicles at the airport have a habit of leaving their trash behind. This trash may contain harmful chemicals or even food products that could end up contaminating the ground below. Using the mobile car parks provided by the City of Melbourne, you will be able to eliminate this problem because all trash will be picked up by trained park attendants.

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